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Updated: Jan 31, 2019

If you were to ask my really good friends what a perfect date with me would be they would say, "Take Crystal on a private boat or have a picnic and she will L O V E you forever!!". Well SUS.. I CAN'T WAIT ANY LONGER FOR A MAN TO HELP ME CREATE NEW MEMORIES. Therefore I took the initiative and invited my girls to have a picnic near Lake Michigan.

Being around other single women felt W O N D E R F U L. Not only did we catch up on the latest news but asked ourselves different questions pertaining to singleness. Our 5 main questions were:

1. What does Singleness Mean to You?

2. What can you do in your singleness that you cant do in a relationship? What do you personally want to do in your singleness?

3. Why are there negative connotations around singleness?

4. Often time we look at what we want in a partner but we rarely talk about what we need to heal or fix before getting into a relationship? What are things that have to change about ourselves?

5. What can you personally do to be more active in your singleness?

Answering these questions helped us learn more about the beauty of singleness and helped us self reflect on our actions.

Though I had many enjoyable moments on this picnic, my favorite moment was seeing my friends exchange numbers and create new relationships. Singleness can ONLY be lonely if we do not take the initiative on curating new relationships.

Singleness should not have a negative connotation attached to it but should be appreciated for the beauty and freedom that it contains. If you live near the Chicagoland area and want to be involved in the next outing email me ( with the subject line Purposely Single.

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