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The Beginning of Purposely Single

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Social Media Tells Our Single Queens: “Relationships are the OVERALL GOAL! You are not whole nor enough until you have a man. It doesn’t matter if they disrespect you, cheat on you, hurt you, or start making you look in the mirror making you think you are flawed because he’s inconsistent (did you guys catch that Cardi B reference). As long as you have this man you are seen as COMPLETE. When you FINALLY HAVE THIS MAN THEN YOU CAN START LIVING.

A lot of Single Queens (not all) say: “I see and hear the messages that social media is telling me. I choose to believe and internalize their messaging. I am not whole nor enough until I have a man. Having a man is better than being whole and enough by myself. Everyone deals with disrespect and hurt in their relationship therefore staying in one is not that bad. I cannot wait until I have a man to start L I V I N G!!

THIS IS REALITY FOR A LOT OF GIRLS AND WOMEN. Social Media is a highlight diary. It allows people to show the best versions of themselves, their perfect relationships, awards, and inspirational quotes. But social media falls short is telling you how the woman you considered to be goals is insecure or that her relationship is perfect on camera but is completely different in private.

I believe I am a strong woman. And I know that a relationship cannot complete me. AND DO NOT GET ME WRONG… I LOVE, LOVE! Seeing couples on social media excites me for the future and everything that comes with being in a relationship. But what I want more than ever RIGHT NOW is to enjoy where I am at right now. I want to look at singleness as an opportunity to L I V E L I F E! I am a home body by nature and because I did not have parents that allowed me to roam the streets. Because of this I find myself mostly at home when I am not at work! B O R I N G!

When I fully understood this I decided that Purposely Single needed to be created. Purposely Single allows me and other single women to intentionally make the most from being single. Singleness is a beautiful time in everyone’s lives and should be treated as that. As I go through this journey of being Purposely Single I am going to document it on this blog. Not only to share my journey but to put more enjoyable content and images on social media of women enjoying singleness.

Like I said before I am a homebody so this may be tough but I know I will enjoy this journey.

If you are near the Chicagoland area and you want to be apart of this journey and outings be sure to email me at to receive more information.

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