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Does Tinder Really Work?

Lets be real.. we are living in the age of social media. Dating in 2017 is not going to be the same as it was in the 1950s. Millennials are texting more than talking on the phone, video calling more than mailing letters, and netflixing and chilling rather than going on actual dates (I personally hate this with a passion). The type of dates that our parents went on ... are now praised because it is rarely seen in this society. In addition to these new characteristics of dating , websites are now becoming the norm to meet BAE (before anyone else). In 2017 it is not odd to say I met BAE on Instagram, Twitter, Black People Meet, or Tinder. Because of this I decided to create a Tinder account and see if this could change my relationship status from single to in a relationship.

Tinder is a dating social media app that connects you with people that are near by. When you open the app Tinder will ask you questions on your personal BAE preferences and really try to channel who you would like. After this step, a possible BAE will pop up. If you find them attractive swipe right and if they are not so hot swipe left. If they are so fine that you have to rethink your life best friend you can swipe up to super like them (you only get one of these a day so swipe carefully). I would love for this blog to be a fairy tale post. I would love to say I met BAE through Tinder and now we are 2- 3 years strong. But unfortunately life does not work out that way. Through Tinder I have encountered potential BAES, Waste my Time Boys, Why Did I Even Swipe Right Guys, Fellas That Just Want to have Sex, and Males that Tinder should not even allow on the app. Out of these guys... none of them were able to make it to the finish line of BAE.

I got so frustrated with this app that I am on the verge of deleting it from my phone and never looking back. So in this state I would say that Tinder does not work to find BAE. But I did not want to give up without putting in the final fight. Therefore I am going to share my last experience on Tinder with you. I am going to yes document a midway point and final examination of the guys I meet.

Will Crystal Adamma ever find BAE?

Will Crystal Adamma be single till 30 years of age?

Will she need to move out of Chicago to find the one?

Does Crystal Adamma just need to read her books?

Find out in two weeks to hear the update.


Crystal Adamma

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