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3 Things That Have Changed About Me in my 3 Years of Being Single!

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Let's point out the obvious! Yes, I have been single for 3 years. I thought that specific relationship would be my last (LIKE WE ALL DO....lets not front), but hey breakups happen. After that relationship I vowed that my next relationship will be my last (husband status...OK.). And that is why yo girl has been single for 3 years. Though I talked/"dated" a couple of people in the midst...nothing has been official! These three years have been beneficial for my growth and is necessary for every person reading this...especially if you are planning to be in a long term relationship in the future. I hope this article resonates with you and when it does remember to subscribe to my website.


1. I LOVE being in my own company aka being alone. Before I hit this period in my life I loved being in my present boo, friend, associate, and your grandfather's faces. And if we could not be in the same room together I would FaceTime, call,text, kik, and even email you. But now I do not feel the need to call people. Do not get me wrong I have a lot of good people in my life that I care and have love for but hanging out with Crystal is fun too!!

2. I DREAM bigger. Though you may not want to admit it I know you are guilty of it. In a relationship we try to create a perfect future for our other halves. We compromise on the places we would live, careers we would like to have, goals that you secretly want to accomplish, and more. I have to say that we do not do these things intentionally but by compromising on whats best for the relationship, we are not fulfilling our greatest desires. Now that I have went through this single period, and still HAPPILY going through it, I can say that I AM GOING TO BE THE CEO AND FOUNDER OF A MULTI- BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY, I WANT TO BE BASED IN ATLANTA, AND I WANT A CUTE DOG NAMED BELLA COCO. (R.I.P COCO 01/23/16)

3. I am CONFIDENT in who I am and I know worth. In a relationship our boyfriend or girlfriend's opinions of us intertwine with how we view our self. In healthy relationships this could possibly be a good thing because you may have a spec of insecurity but Bae shuts it DOWN! But what happens when your relationship isn't the healthiest and both of you are struggling with personal pain, family hurt, money problems, or even an identity crisis? In one of my relationships I was made to feel less than and that I had to "work" to be complimented. Basically I was never enough the way I was. This negative thinking was created in the relationship and was still there after it ended. This is the reality for most people in relationships though we do not like to talk about it. But as of NOW I know exactly who I am and how valuable I would be to the lucky man that was to come my way.

We often hear that the single period is necessary but we never truly understand the need. But Best Friends I am here to say that it is VERY NECESSARY. These lessons can not be learned overnight so do not rush your singleness. BTW this time in your life should be fun so do not rob yourself of that. Remember to share this article with a friend and subscribe to my website.


Crystal Adamma

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