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A Message To: My Younger Self

Dear Younger Self,

I want to start this letter by saying you are destined to go far. Your future is beyond your wildest dream and many people will be inspired by who you are and what you stand for. Apart from your purpose I have to remind you of your beauty. I know you do not understand it now but your beauty is one of a boo...who is Beyoncé compared to you. Your skin is gold and your beautiful big brown eyes can catch anyone's attention ( and I said BROWN not those hazel contacts that are going to later hurt you more than you think) . Your smile can bring hope to the Crystal I need you to smile more even when a difficult day is upon you.

Now this is definitely an awkward and difficult time in your life. People are not the nicest, someone that should protect you by any means possible is hurting you, and when you look at yourself positive things do not come to mind. Trust me I get it. But remember there is light at the end of the tunnel and God will see you through. Speaking of God.. he is really cool. The way he works is incredible and his love for you is endless. He will turn all of the things that have effected you into testimonies. Plus you will have peace from all of your troubles. The most amazing part is that the things that you hate, issues you have, and those insecurities will help other people. All in all stay strong and know you are worth it.

So Crystal since I am you, I know you are thinking where are all the juicy (interesting) things. I want to tell you SO BAD but I can't. I can't because all of the mistakes, heartbreak, failures, and more makes you who you are today. But I can tell you that your first two real relationship are not going to be your last, your side hustles are going to have all of the ladies looking beautiful, your friends are going to be constantly changing, and the people who spoke bad about you are going to pay you for your artistry.

Here are a few points that you cannot forget

1. God loves you.

2. You are beautiful.

3. Your heart is one of a kind and don't change it for anyone.

4. Save will help support your amazing ideas.

5. You will LIVE and not DIE!!

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