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Before you read this blog, I want to remind you that every one has a different journey! Please do not compare your story with my story. This article is to offer tools on how I became a realtor in one month.

For you all that do not know who I am I started learning about real estate in 2015 while in college. I was really interested in the concept "living for free". This concept teaches people to allow tenants to pay your mortgage. This can be done through AIRBNB, renting rooms, or renting individual units. After years of learning, I purchased a 4 unit building in September 2019. Although this was one of the hardest things I have been through it inspired me to become a realtor! I felt it was a passion for me to introduce ownership to young adults. I quit my job on November 08, 2019. Started taking a two week accelerated real estate course at Chicago Association of Realtors on November 11th. Studied. And by the grace of God passed my exam on December 12, 2019.

1. The first thing YOU need to do to become a realtor is have a WHY!!

You cannot come into this business just wanting to make money! You have to have a reason that will keep you going. This is more important for new agents because more than likely you will not make a dollar until two months of being licensed. (I didn't make any money unit 3-4 months in my career.)

2. Take an accelerated course.

I initially bought an online program that would of allowed me to work full time and complete the course in 3 months. Although this was a good approach, I realized that my strength is in-person classes. I prefer this because I am able to ask numerous questions on the various real estate topics. I also really enjoyed group projects. This allowed me to interact with multiple students and ask more questions

3. Purchased a practice exam and study guide.

5 days before my exam I had the great idea to pay for a similar real estate exam. After taking the practice exam, I FAILED!!! I realized I had to invest in a GUIDE. I purchased a 7 day plan from


This is super important because the exam will not test you on definitions. The exam will give you numerous situations and you will have to pull from concepts. A tip that helped me was relating concepts to real estate situations that were interesting to me!


I know people who has pushed their exam to a year from when their class ended. Do not prolong this process!! STUDY HARD FOR A WEEK...or two AND TAKE YOUR EXAM!

Before I let you go, here is some advice for this journey!

1. Only go into this field if you have a passion for this career!!

2. If you FAIL your exam, KEEP GOING! Do not be discouraged!

3. If you quit your full time job, go get a part time job! (TRUST ME)

4. NEGOTIATE your commission splits, ALWAYS.

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