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3 Reasons Why Your EyeBrows will NEVER be on Fleek

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

When you are beating your face for the Lord...eyebrows are one of the most important yet hardest part of your face (in my opinion). They are one of the first things anyone looks at when looking at your beat face. And a little mistake on your eye brows can cause your beat face to to go from slay queen to who did and why! In this post I will be telling you the three most common mistakes women make when drawing their eyebrows on.

PS: I do not want any of these suggestions to offend you. Remember I am your best friend and the harsh truth can only lead to better brows!

1. The Color

Best Friends.... This is not the time to be creative and experiment with colors. Your eyebrows is not a template out a coloring book to try colors like red, blue, black, or pink. The only exemption to this rule is if your hair is naturally that color or you dye your hair that color (excluding black). Remember we want to give a realistic brow slay, so if it does not look like it can grow from your natural brow then lets leave it in yesterday. Try and go for a dark brown color. It will leave your brows looking natural while killing everyone else in the room.

2. Box Eyebrows.

Best friends... get a mirror, a front facing camera, or just find your reflection. When you look at your brows you will see that they do not start off as a box. You will see that they naturally fade into a brow. That same concept still applies for your slay brows. When you finish drawing your brows take a eyebrow brush to fade them out. Trust me when you do this are are going to love your slay brows even more.

PS: I used to be the box queen until one of my friends told me about myself..and I am so thankful she did!!

3. Concealer Color

Best Friends...this can get tricky..but I am going to give yall the tea because that is what I 'm here for. It is recommended to go 2 or 3 shades lighter than your skin tone. Personally, if I want to go for a more natural look I will go 1 shade lighter but if I am trying to shut it down I will do 3. When I researching, I find that some people do a lighter shade at the bottom of their eye brow and 1 shade lighter than their skin tone at the top. So it really depends on your preference. These two suggestions will not steer you wrong. JUST BE SURE TO BLEND!!

Products I use: I usually mix my Beautiful Bronze and Fawn LA Girl Pro Concealer depending on how beat I want to be for that day.

Following these suggestions will improve your brow game and leave everyone in awe!! Thank me later!! Also be sure to share this on social media so that more people can have better slay brows!!

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Crystal Adamma

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