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3 Reasons Why Your Makeup NEVER Last

Let's start this post by being REAL! Now I know every girl has been in a situation where they spent HOURS beating their face to Jesus Christ himself for it to all fall apart 3 hours later. This is frustrating especially when we see girls on Instagram break the internet with their pore-less face, oil-less face , and not to mention their highlight still glowing 12 hours later. And it is hard to improve on our makeup techniques because nobody wants to give up their secrets.

This is the same exact way I felt a year ago. I was frustrated because my best friends were killing the makeup game and I was on the side looking like a chocolate melting ice cream. But in a years time I FINALLY found out the 3 secrets!! Are you all ready to be enlightened? Great, so lets get started.


The FIRST thing you need to invest in is a great primer. A primer is a base for foundation or face makeup that allows it to go on smoother and last longer. There are so many of these gems on the market that can fit to your specific face need and preference. There are formulas that are specifically for oily (ME), dry, and combination skin. And formulas are available in cream, gel and powder. I personally prefer BECCA Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector.

The SECOND thing you need to invest in is a quality setting powder! Setting Powder is a powder that is used to set liquid products. This includes your liquid foundation, concealer, and more. This step is essential for every makeup guru. Even on my makeup no makeup days, I still set my face. Also please take into account that some setting powders may not be universal. Since I am a darker skin woman I prefer to use setting powders with a yellow-ish tint. I personally prefer the Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder.

The THIRD thing you need to invest in is a good setting spray. Setting spray is a mist that you use after you finish your makeup beat. This spray allows your makeup to stay on for long periods of time. Also this spray, like the primer, has a lot of formulas that personally fit your face need. I personally prefer the Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray.

I am an advocate for buying drugstore makeup products but best friends there are certain products where you have to drop a pretty penny or two. AND THESE ARE THE PRODUCTS LISTED. Though it may be a little expensive.... I PROMISE your face will be slayed for 12+ hours.

Now you have no excuse for that face to be beat!! If you enjoyed this article make sure you subscribe to my website.


Crystal Adamma

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