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The Tales of a Super Senior Part 1

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

My name is Crystal Adamma and I am a super senior (WHEWWWWW.... that took a lot.). Five years in college is not often talked about, valued, and may be looked down upon. A lot of people attribute the extra year or years to a lack of focus, not being intelligent enough ( are dumb), or that your life/ career is going to be mediocre.

There are so many reasons why college students spend more than 4 years in college. As for me, I did not make school a priority. In my early days of college, I would rather hang out with friends in the cafeteria (we literally could spend 5 hours there...just talking) than study class material. Because of these bad habits that followed me through sophomore year, I did not get accepted into the public health program (at my school this is a mandatory two year program). I was at a cross road in my educational career, leaving me to decide if I should spend an extra year in college pursing public health the following year or graduating in 4 years with a sociology degree. Because of my love for enhancing impoverished communities I decided to take the W (W= win verses taking a L=lost) in doing an extra year.

In every situation I love to look at it from a positive angle. Though some may look at an extra year as daunting, I am actively making the decision to look at this as an opportunity. An opportunity to make connections in public high schools, develop my craft in blogging and youtube videos, expand Millennial Influence, focus on losing weight, save money, and so much more. This year is giving me the opportunity to zone in and have a strategic plan after graduation verses working a 9-5 job that does not align with my purpose.

So to all of my fellow Super Seniors I encourage you to make this year or years worth it. Stop feeding into the negative opinions of others and focus on your dream, purpose, and career. Being a super senior allows you to go after your dreams with all of your might while still being under a safety blanket ....SO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT. If I graduated on my expected graduation date I would of forced myself into graduate school, something that I could not even think about right now, though it is not needed for my specific career. So stop feeling sorry for yourself and hustle like never before.

All in all, graduating on time is preferred. But if you get stuck being a super is not the end of the world. And you never know....using this extra year to strategically plan may elevate you above all of your peers who graduated on time.


Crystal Adamma

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