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3 VERY SIMPLE Steps on Starting to Create Your Ideal Life

In this world of social media we are seeing millennial millionaires, millennials who own property, and millennials owning very successful businesses. Seeing this on my feed motivated me but I was quickly discouraged due to not knowing how to start. Multiple times I gave up on my dreams until my Internet role model inspired me to stop being complacent with them. It is very possible for you to live the life you always wanted. The only differences between people making it versus you are these 3 steps:

1. You have to realize your WHY. When getting started so many people start projects because it has the ability to make money. And YES you may be right... that project may work for the time being but it will not last. It won't last because there isn’t a bigger force that will keep you in it when 200% effort is required, or when you have to choose between putting time into the project verses hanging with your friends, or when you just don’t feel like tending to it. Therefore your WHY has to be bigger than you or money. Is your project going to enhance someone’s life, save them money, or can it brighten their day?

2. People that are living in their ideal lives know that a goal without action is just a thought and that thought does not equal $$$. Yes, you have many great ideas but where are they now? Best Friend, you have to start now. Start by writing it down as well as steps to accomplish this goal.

3. Stop waiting for a secrete formula on getting overnight success. Do you know why people living in their ideal lives did not use this formula? They didn’t use this because it simply does not exist. The only thing that can grant you success is putting in WORK. This means that you may have to wake up at 6am or stay up late until 3am working on your projects because school or work consumes majority of your day.


People living in their ideal lives are constant learners. Though their project starts to build momentum they still know there is m

ore to be learned. You can learn more information by watching videos, listening to podcasts, reading books, and attending networking events.

Best Friends, you too can live the life you always desired. You are no different than anyone making it. When using these four steps it is guaranteed that you will be on track to succeeding.


Crystal Adamma

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