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Teaching young professionals how to purchase their first Property all 2020



My name is Crystal Adamma: Realtor, Landlord, and Content Creator. My main objective is to show people throughout the world that it is possible for young people to invest in property. I teach young people daily through my daily videos, consulting sessions, blogs!

I do have to warn you; If you follow my content you will purchase property!

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Are you interested in purchasing your first, second, or third property? 

If you need community and no fluff information, join the homeownership loading group!

Let's create a plan for you to Buy!


It is easy to get lost when learning the process of buying your first property. From credit scores, to down payments, to numerous strategies, and more! There are so many items you need to know before you make your first purchase. I can personally understand because I purchased a 4 unit building in 2019! 

My goal for 2o2o is to make 50 young adults home owners! It is possible, you just have to be equipped with the right information!

Let's schedule some Time to talk! let's make your dream a reality! 

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